Al-Anbiya (The Prophets)

Chapter Number: 21

112 Verses In This Chapter. Page 11 Of 12

Verse no: 101
Lo! those unto whom kindness hath gone forth before from Us, they will be far removed from thence.

Verse no: 102
They will not hear the slightest sound thereof, while they abide in that which their souls desire.

Verse no: 103
The Supreme Horror will not grieve them, and the angels will welcome them, (saying): This is your Day which ye were promised;

Verse no: 104
The Day when We shall roll up the heavens as a recorder rolleth up a written scroll. As We began the first creation, We shall repeat it. (It is) a promise (binding) upon Us. Lo! We are to perform it.

Verse no: 105
And verily we have written in the Scripture, after the Reminder: My righteous slaves will inherit the earth:

Verse no: 106
Lo! there is a plain statement for folk who are devout.

Verse no: 107
We sent thee not save as a mercy for the peoples.

Verse no: 108
Say: It is only inspired in me that your Allah is One Allah. Will ye then surrender (unto Him)?

Verse no: 109
But if they are averse, then say: I have warned you all alike, although I know not whether nigh or far is that which ye are promised.

Verse no: 110
Lo! He knoweth that which is said openly, and that which ye conceal.

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