Yusuf (Joseph)

Chapter Number: 12

111 Verses In This Chapter. Page 2 Of 12

Verse no: 11
They said: O our father! Why wilt thou not trust us with Joseph, when lo! we are good friends to him?

Verse no: 12
Send him with us to-morrow that he may enjoy himself and play. And lo! we shall take good care of him.

Verse no: 13
He said: Lo! in truth it saddens me that ye should take him with you, and I fear less the wolf devour him while ye are heedless of him.

Verse no: 14
They said: If the wolf should devour him when we are (so strong) a band, then surely we should have already perished.

Verse no: 15
Then, when they led him off, and were of one mind that they should place him in the depth of the pit, We inspired in him: Thou wilt tell them of this deed of theirs when they know (thee) not.

Verse no: 16
And they came weeping to their father in the evening.

Verse no: 17
Saying: O our father! We went racing one with another, and left Joseph by our things, and the wolf devoured him, and thou believest not our saying even when we speak the truth.

Verse no: 18
And they came with false blood on his shirt. He said: Nay, but your minds have beguiled you into something. (My course is) comely patience. And Allah it is Whose help is to be sought in that (predicament) which ye describe.

Verse no: 19
And there came a caravan, and they sent their waterdrawer. He let down his pail (into the pit). He said: Good luck! Here is a youth. And they hid him as a treasure, and Allah was Aware of what they did.

Verse no: 20
And they sold him for a low price, a number of silver coins; and they attached no value to him.

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