Al-Hijr (The Rocky Tract)

Chapter Number: 15

99 Verses In This Chapter. Page 2 Of 10

Verse no: 11
And never came there unto them a messenger but they did mock him.

Verse no: 12
Thus do We make it traverse the hearts of the guilty:

Verse no: 13
They believe not therein, though the example of the men of old hath gone before.

Verse no: 14
And even if We opened unto them a gate of heaven and they kept mounting through it,

Verse no: 15
They would say: Our sight is wrong - nay, but we are folk bewitched.

Verse no: 16
And verily in the heaven we have set mansions of the stars, and We have beautified it for beholders.

Verse no: 17
And We have guarded it from every outcast devil,

Verse no: 18
Save him who stealeth the hearing, and them doth a clear flame pursue.

Verse no: 19
And the earth have We spread out, and placed therein firm hills, and caused each seemly thing to grow therein.

Verse no: 20
And we have given unto you livelihoods therein, and unto those for whom ye provide not.

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