Maryam (Mary)

Chapter Number: 19

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Verse no: 11
Then he came forth unto his people from the sanctuary, and signified to them: Glorify your Lord at break of day and fall of night.

Verse no: 12
(And it was said unto his son): O John! Hold fast the Scripture. And we gave him wisdom when a child,

Verse no: 13
And compassion from Our presence, and purity; and he was devout,

Verse no: 14
And dutiful toward his parents. And he was not arrogant, rebellious.

Verse no: 15
Peace on him the day he was born, and the day he dieth and the day he shall be raised alive!

Verse no: 16
And make mention of Mary in the Scripture, when she had withdrawn from her people to a chamber looking East,

Verse no: 17
And had chosen seclusion from them. Then We sent unto her Our Spirit and it assumed for her the likeness of a perfect man.

Verse no: 18
She said: Lo! I seek refuge in the Beneficent One from thee, if thou art Allah-fearing.

Verse no: 19
He said: I am only a messenger of thy Lord, that I may bestow on thee a faultless son.

Verse no: 20
She said: How can I have a son when no mortal hath touched me, neither have I been unchaste?

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