Al-Insan (The Man)

Chapter Number: 76

31 Verses In This Chapter. Page 2 Of 4

Verse no: 11
Therefor Allah hath warded off from them the evil of that day, and hath made them find brightness and joy;

Verse no: 12
And hath awarded them for all that they endured, a Garden and silk attire;

Verse no: 13
Reclining therein upon couches, they will find there neither (heat of) a sun nor bitter cold.

Verse no: 14
The shade thereof is close upon them and the clustered fruits thereof bow down.

Verse no: 15
Goblets of silver are brought round for them, and beakers (as) of glass

Verse no: 16
(Bright as) glass but (made) of silver, which they (themselves) have measured to the measure (of their deeds).

Verse no: 17
There are they watered with a cup whereof the mixture is of Zanjabil,

Verse no: 18
(The water of) a spring therein, named Salsabil.

Verse no: 19
There wait on them immortal youths, whom, when thou seest, thou wouldst take for scattered pearls.

Verse no: 20
When thou seest, thou wilt see there bliss and high estate.

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