An-Naba (The Tidings)

Chapter Number: 78

40 Verses In This Chapter. Page 2 Of 4

Verse no: 11
And have appointed the day for livelihood.

Verse no: 12
And We have built above you seven strong (heavens),

Verse no: 13
And have appointed a dazzling lamp,

Verse no: 14
And have sent down from the rainy clouds abundant water,

Verse no: 15
Thereby to produce grain and plant,

Verse no: 16
And gardens of thick foliage.

Verse no: 17
Lo! the Day of Decision is a fixed time,

Verse no: 18
A day when the trumpet is blown and ye come in multitudes,

Verse no: 19
And the heaven is opened and becometh as gates,

Verse no: 20
And the hills are set in motion and become as a mirage.

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