An-Nahl (The Bee)

Chapter Number: 16

128 Verses In This Chapter. Page 1 Of 13

Verse no: 1
The commandment of Allah will come to pass, so seek not ye to hasten it. Glorified and Exalted be He above all that they associate (with Him).

Verse no: 2
He sendeth down the angels with the Spirit of His command unto whom He will of His bondmen, (saying): Warn mankind that there is no Allah save Me, so keep your duty unto Me.

Verse no: 3
He hath created the heavens and the earth with truth. High be He Exalted above all that they associate (with Him).

Verse no: 4
He hath created man from a drop of fluid, yet behold! he is an open opponent.

Verse no: 5
And the cattle hath He created, whence ye have warm clothing and uses, and whereof ye eat;

Verse no: 6
And wherein is beauty for you, when ye bring them home, and when ye take them out to pasture.

Verse no: 7
And they bear your loads for you unto a land ye could not reach save with great trouble to yourselves. Lo! your Lord is Full of Pity, Merciful.

Verse no: 8
And horses and mules and asses (hath He created) that ye may ride them, and for ornament. And He createth that which ye know not.

Verse no: 9
And Allah's is the direction of the way, and some (roads) go not straight. And had He willed He would have led you all aright.

Verse no: 10
He it is Who sendeth down water from the sky, whence ye have drink, and whence are trees on which ye send your beasts to pasture.

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