Al-Muminoon (The Believers)

Chapter Number: 23

118 Verses In This Chapter. Page 1 Of 12

Verse no: 1
Successful indeed are the believers

Verse no: 2
Who are humble in their prayers,

Verse no: 3
And who shun vain conversation,

Verse no: 4
And who are payers of the poor-due;

Verse no: 5
And who guard their modesty -

Verse no: 6
Save from their wives or the (slaves) that their right hands possess, for then they are not blameworthy,

Verse no: 7
But whoso craveth beyond that, such are transgressors -

Verse no: 8
And who are shepherds of their pledge and their covenant,

Verse no: 9
And who pay heed to their prayers.

Verse no: 10
These are the heirs

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