Al-Qalam (The Pen)

Chapter Number: 68

52 Verses In This Chapter. Page 1 Of 6

Verse no: 1
Nun. By the pen and that which they write (therewith),

Verse no: 2
Thou art not, for thy Lord's favour unto thee, a madman.

Verse no: 3
And lo! thine verily will be a reward unfailing.

Verse no: 4
And lo! thou art of a tremendous nature.

Verse no: 5
And thou wilt see and they will see

Verse no: 6
Which of you is the demented.

Verse no: 7
Lo! thy Lord is Best Aware of him who strayeth from His way, and He is Best Aware of those who walk aright.

Verse no: 8
Therefor obey not thou the rejecters

Verse no: 9
Who would have had thee compromise, that they may compromise.

Verse no: 10
Neither obey thou each feeble oath-monger,

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