Nuh (Noah)

Chapter Number: 71

28 Verses In This Chapter. Page 1 Of 3

Verse no: 1
Lo! We sent Noah unto his people (saying): Warn thy people ere the painful doom come unto them.

Verse no: 2
He said: O my people! Lo! I am a plain warner unto you

Verse no: 3
(Bidding you): Serve Allah and keep your duty unto Him and obey me,

Verse no: 4
That He may forgive you somewhat of your sins and respite you to an appointed term. Lo! the term of Allah, when it cometh, cannot be delayed, if ye but knew.

Verse no: 5
He said: My Lord! Lo! I have called unto my people night and day

Verse no: 6
But all my calling doth but add to their repugnance;

Verse no: 7
And lo! whenever I call unto them that Thou mayst pardon them they thrust their fingers in their ears and cover themselves with their garments and persist (in their refusal) and magnify themselves in pride.

Verse no: 8
And lo! I have called unto them aloud,

Verse no: 9
And lo! I have made public proclamation unto them, and I have appealed to them in private.

Verse no: 10
And I have said: Seek pardon of your Lord. Lo! He was ever Forgiving.

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