Al-Ala (The Most High)

Chapter Number: 87

19 Verses In This Chapter. Page 1 Of 2

Verse no: 1
Praise the name of thy Lord the Most High,

Verse no: 2
Who createth, then disposeth;

Verse no: 3
Who measureth, then guideth;

Verse no: 4
Who bringeth forth the pasturage,

Verse no: 5
Then turneth it to russet stubble.

Verse no: 6
We shall make thee read (O Muhammad) so that thou shalt not forget

Verse no: 7
Save that which Allah willeth. Lo! He knoweth the disclosed and that which still is hidden;

Verse no: 8
And We shall ease thy way unto the state of ease.

Verse no: 9
Therefor remind (men), for of use is the reminder.

Verse no: 10
He will heed who feareth,

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