Al-Lail (The Night)

Chapter Number: 92

21 Verses In This Chapter. Page 1 Of 3

Verse no: 1
By the night enshrouding

Verse no: 2
And the day resplendent

Verse no: 3
And Him Who hath created male and female,

Verse no: 4
Lo! your effort is dispersed (toward divers ends).

Verse no: 5
As for him who giveth and is dutiful (toward Allah)

Verse no: 6
And believeth in goodness;

Verse no: 7
Surely We will ease his way unto the state of ease.

Verse no: 8
But as for him who hoardeth and deemeth himself independent,

Verse no: 9
And disbelieveth in goodness;

Verse no: 10
Surely We will ease his way unto adversity.

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