Al-Muddaththir (The One Wrapping Himself Up)

Chapter Number: 74

56 Verses In This Chapter. Page 2 Of 6

Verse no: 11
Leave Me (to deal) with him whom I created lonely,

Verse no: 12
And then bestowed upon him ample means,

Verse no: 13
And sons abiding in his presence

Verse no: 14
And made (life) smooth for him.

Verse no: 15
Yet he desireth that I should give more.

Verse no: 16
Nay! For lo! he hath been stubborn to Our revelations.

Verse no: 17
On him I shall impose a fearful doom.

Verse no: 18
For lo! he did consider; then he planned -

Verse no: 19
(Self-)destroyed is he, how he planned!

Verse no: 20
Again (self-)destroyed is he, how he planned! -

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