Al-Jathiyah (The Kneeling)

Chapter Number: 45

37 Verses In This Chapter. Page 4 Of 4

Verse no: 31
And as for those who disbelieved (it will be said unto them): Were not Our revelations recited unto you? But ye were scornful and became a guilty folk.

Verse no: 32
And when it was said: Lo! Allah's promise is the truth, and there is no doubt of the Hour's coming, ye said: We know not what the Hour is. We deem it naught but a conjecture, and we are by no means convinced.

Verse no: 33
And the evils of what they did will appear unto them, and that which they used to deride will befall them.

Verse no: 34
And it will be said: This day We forget you, even as ye forgot the meeting of this your day; and your habitation is the Fire, and there is none to help you.

Verse no: 35
This, forasmuch as ye made the revelations of Allah a jest, and the life of the world beguiled you. Therefor this day they come not forth from thence, nor can they make amends.

Verse no: 36
Then praise be to Allah, Lord of the heavens and Lord of the earth, the Lord of the Worlds.

Verse no: 37
And unto Him (alone) belongeth Majesty in the heavens and the earth, and He is the Mighty, the Wise.

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