At-Tur (The Mountain)

Chapter Number: 52

49 Verses In This Chapter. Page 5 Of 5

Verse no: 41
Or possess they the Unseen so that they can write (it) down?

Verse no: 42
Or seek they to ensnare (the messenger)? But those who disbelieve, they are the ensnared!

Verse no: 43
Or have they any god beside Allah? Glorified be Allah from all that they ascribe as partner (unto Him)!

Verse no: 44
And if they were to see a fragment of the heaven falling, they would say: A heap of clouds.

Verse no: 45
Then let them be (O Muhammad), till they meet their day, in which they will be thunder-stricken,

Verse no: 46
A day in which their guile will naught avail them, nor will they be helped.

Verse no: 47
And verily, for those who do wrong, there is a punishment beyond that. But most of them know not.

Verse no: 48
So wait patiently (O Muhammad) for thy Lord's decree, for surely thou art in Our sight; and hymn the praise of thy Lord when thou uprisest,

Verse no: 49
And in the night-time also hymn His praise, and at the setting of the stars.

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